Why You Should Consider Asking for Reviews?

Why You Should Consider Asking for Reviews

Online reviews can be a hit-or-miss affair.

Your customers may be satisfied and post good reviews regarding your product, or they could turn the other way and leave a 1-star review for something that’s out of your control.

Regardless, getting reviews for your brand, business or what you’re offering is always a plus because of the following reasons:

Online Reviews Increase Exposure

The first thing that people do when they’re considering buying or trying something online is to check and see if there are any reviews for it.

This can come from a blog post, a review on popular sites such as Yelp!, Google, the Better Business Bureau or in forums and social media. Interested individuals will be more likely to buy if an online review is present as compared to none at all.

Online Reviews Are a Way Of Life

Word of mouth has been the traditional method of increasing revenue. On the world wide web, this isn’t any different.

In a BrightLocal study, it was found that as much as 80% of all online shoppers trust reviews and treat them like personal recommendations. Furthermore, restaurants that had good reviews on popular sites such as Yelp! had a significant rise in profits as compared to those who had low ones.

Keep in mind that positive reviews generate trust, and more trust means more repeat business and of course, new customers. The more people you satisfy, the more likely you’ll get an online review, and so on. Get this ball rolling by asking for reviews whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Online Reviews Can Persuade People To Buy

Reviews are free marketing social proof that’s as good as any advertising money can buy.

They allow prospective buyers to imagine themselves using the product. In various research, almost 70% of customers will check product ratings and read up on reviews before clicking the “Buy Now” button; around 67% of people who purchase will read anywhere between one to six reviews before buying; and 63% will only buy from a website if it has reviews and ratings.

How To Ask For Reviews

It’s easy to ask customers to share what they think of your product, brand or service.

For instance, you can offer rewards such as discount coupons, bonuses or other stuff just for leaving a review.

Make it as easy as sending a text or writing on a comment box. Don’t have them register or go through hoops or they won’t be inclined to do what you ask.

You can also use an app to send automated messages thanking the customer and then asking if they have had a good experience.