Why Reviews Are Important For Your Retail Store

Why Reviews Are Important For Your Retail Store

According to statistics, 90% of consumers who search for products on the internet are yet to decide on a brand before starting their search. Also, 88% of online customers today are actively seeking online reviews before settling for a particular brand. In layman’s terms, this means reviews are responsible for 88%-90% of your sales. Any serious retail store owner does not need further convincing to incorporate reviews into their marketing strategy. There is however more to reviews than mere statistics. Here’s why you need reviews for your retail store;

Build trust

Let’s be honest, the digital world has created room for a new breed of cons. A lot of retail businesses will present themselves as legit while in reality, they out to swindle unsuspecting consumers. We all have that one friend who bought something online, only to receive something different on the delivery day. In an era where professionally captured and edited images sell faster than displayed goods at a physical store, customers need reassurance. They rarely trust stores without a solid reputation. If you own a retail store, reviews add a sense of realness to your business and customers are able to trust you with ease.

Increase conversion rates

Think about reviews as a form of recommendation or word of mouth. How many times have you bought something because a friend told you it was good? Your conversion rates improve if people buy your products and tell others about their experience through reviews. Whether the reviews are good or bad, people tend to go for products that have been tried and tested by others. It is human nature to want what others have. Remember the good old saying – ‘there’s security in numbers’. Reviews will therefore, convince people to buy your products thus improving your conversation rates.

Improve customer engagement

Reviews are a form of feedback, which is considered valuable in retail businesses. When customers rate you and tell you how they feel about your products, they’re simply giving you an opportunity to improve your service delivery or business model. Moreover, when customers are given an opportunity to voice their thoughts, they feel valued and are likely to return and make another purchase. Subsequently, your business grows in terms of customer acquisition and retention.

Improve your ranking on Google

Every time a customer leaves a review about your retail store, Google’s web crawlers perceive this as some form of unique content which needs to be indexed. The more reviews you have the higher your chances of appearing at the top of a Google page. In addition, reviews with star ratings stand a higher chance of being indexed. Ranking higher up on Google pages has its benefits, one of them being increased website traffic. Moreover, businesses that appear at the top of a page are more trusted and they attract more clicks than those at the bottom.