Why Positive Online Reviews are So Valuable to Small Businesses

Why Positive Online Reviews are So Valuable to Small Businesses

With online scams being rampant these days, consumers now want to be assured that they are getting the value for their money before buying a product or service. While search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics will help your business get in front of potential customers, it is only positive online reviews that will reassure buyers and help you seal the deal. In other words, positive online reviews have now become the modern day referrals. According to statistics, 92 percent of buyers occasionally rely on online reviews when making the decision to buy. Also, 18 percent of these consumers are more likely to spend up to 31 percent more because of good reviews while 22 percent won’t buy a product or service after seeing just one negative review. From this, we can see that having positive online reviews is vital to any small business that wants to get ahead of competition. If you are still not convinced, here are the 5 reasons why positive online reviews are so valuable to small businesses.

Help Increase Sales

The major reasons why positive online reviews are so valuable to small businesses is that it increases sales. Nowadays, consumers will seek for more information before deciding to spend on a product or service. When you have positive reviews, consumers will be convinced that your products and services are worth their hard earned cash. People will easily buy a product or service that has been already recommended by other consumers.

Help Increase Sales

Improves Your Rankings

The benefits of Positive online reviews go beyond just creating a better relationship with your current and potential customers. It also helps improve your websites ranking on the search engine. The more positive reviews consumers write online concerning your products or services, the more the search engines will consider your website to be credible.

Improves Your Click-Through Rates

One of the main goals of getting on top of the search engines results is to get more people to click on your links. According to a recent study, 56 percent of consumers will click on a businesses link that has online reviews. The study also showed that the higher the star rating of a business, the more clicks it’s search listing received on Google’s Local 3-Pack as well as in the organic local search results.

Let Your Consumers Do the Marketing for You

One of the major benefits of having positive online reviews is that it helps your consumers do the marketing for your brand. A handful of positive online reviews are like micro-marketing campaigns that keep displaying a constant positive image of your business to potential consumers even several months after the review has been posted.


The bottom line is that positive online reviews are more than necessary if you want your business to be successful in today’s competitive world. They not only demonstrate people’s trust in your brand, but also act as a valuable tool for promoting your products and services. Therefore, the next time you receive a negative review, ensure that you consider whatever the customer is trying to put across and use their feedback for a more positive business outcome.