Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Photography Business?

Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Photography Business

If you own a photography business, you cannot afford to ignore client reviews. According to a survey conducted by Bright Local in 2016, 91% of customers rely on online reviews to make a purchasing decision. Never mind that most of these reviews are written by total strangers. Ignoring online reviews is akin to sidelining an overwhelming majority of consumers. But just how essential are testimonials to your photography business?

1. Improving your sales performance

Consumers are inherently social beings. They will rely on friends and even total strangers before making a buying decision. Since your customers are naturally looking for social proof, a smart photographer will jump at the opportunity by providing client testimonials on their site. According to Reevo, reviews increase sales by an average of 18%.

2. Improve your site ranking

Each review a customer leaves increases the amount of unique content on your site. Having more content increases your relevance and authority online thus organically increasing your site’s ranking on Google. According to Moz, a SEO expert, reviews contribute to 8.4% of Google search local business ranking.

3. Get customer feedback

Online reviews are a great way of getting customer feedback. Testimonials will give you a clear picture of how your clients view your photography business to help you determine what you’re doing right and where you need to improve. This important insight will guide you in adopting healthy business practices to continuously develop your craft and improve the overall customer experience.

4. Increase your site’s keyword content

Keywords play a significant role in increasing your site’s ranking. However, creating high-quality content for your photography site requires a lot of time and effort. Asking for online reviews is a great way to complement what you already have. While reviewing your products or services, customers will invariably leave important keywords which are very beneficial from a SEO standpoint.

5. Improve customer loyalty

Encouraging your clients to leave reviews can help build brand loyalty. Clients who leave positive feedback are more likely to return. Giving consumers a voice will enable them to connect with your business on a personal level. You can build on this relationship by acknowledging positive reviews and addressing the negative feedback. Honesty will create transparency and build loyalty.

In summary

If you own a photography business, online reviews are a must for your business. Apart from increasing your total conversions, they increase your online visibility on search engines and help you build brand loyalty. Additionally, reviews attract other reviews thus helping create a ripple effect that will multiply the benefits to your photography business. Help grow your business today by encouraging your clients to leave feedback.