Why Consumers Buy? The Importance of Verified Customer Reviews

Why Consumers Buy - The Importance of Verified Customer Reviews

Did you know displaying reviews for your products or services can boost conversion rates by 270%? If you are reading this, you probably already know that online reviews play a crucial role in helping consumers make their buying decisions. But how do verified reviews stack against anonymous reviews? Do they make much of a difference when it comes to persuading your potential customers in trusting your business? Read on to learn more about this and understand why do you need more verified online reviews for promoting your online business listing.

What is the Difference Between Anonymous and Verified Reviews?

Not all customer reviews can be considered the same, especially in terms of whom they come from and how they are generated.

Anonymous or unprompted reviews usually come from users who want to share their thoughts about a product or service, in public, without being asked to. These users, however, choose to remain anonymous, or their reviews get published under screen names (or nicknames) that may or may not be their real names. Sometimes their screen name is probably real, but there’s no sure shot way of telling whether that user actually purchased the service or product that they have reviewed. You might have seen a lot of this kind of reviews on Yelp.

Verified reviews, on the other hand, are tied to actual transactions that have happened between the business and the customer (who has posted the review). You might have seen verified reviews on Amazon, where buyers receive e-mails from Amazon asking them to review the product they just bought. And when they do write a review for the product, it’s displayed on the Amazon product listing as having come from a real verified purchase.

Verified vs Anonymous Reviews: How Do They Stack Against Each Other?

According to a research study conducted by Spiegel Research Centre (Northwestern Univesity), there’s a 15% jump in purchase likelihood when buyers get to read verified buyer reviews instead of anonymous reviews. [SOURCE:http://spiegel.medill.northwestern.edu/online-reviews/] When it comes to generating leads or sales, you might know that it’s imperative to establish the trustworthiness of your business before the customer is willing to shake hands with you or make a transaction. This is where verified reviews come into the picture and establish the trust that they are looking for.

Why Do Consumers These Days Look for Verified Reviews More Often?

This happens primarily because consumers know the fact that most of the online reviews these days are either fake or posted by bots. Most businesses are aware that they need more positive reviews to show up against their online business listing and rank higher than their competitors, and many of them resort to using shady or blackhat practices to reap the benefits.

Even though you might have genuine reviews from real customers, the average online user can’t tell the difference – which is why they don’t value general reviews as much. If you show them trusted or verified reviews, things change a lot. This why major local search engines like Google (and even e-commerce sites for that matter), have implemented ways to ensure the person sharing the review is indeed verified customer as they have claimed.

Wrap Up

Now that you know why having verified user reviews is important for your business, why don’t you take some time to think about ways you can get more of this kind of reviews online. Not only will it help your Google My Business listing get discovered more frequently in the local search engine results and placed above your competitors, but it will also help you get more customers in the days to come. Sounds like a worthwhile investment of your marketing budget? Sure, it does!