Why are Angry Customers More Likely to Post a Bad Review?

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Numbers don’t lie! According to statistics, a substantial amount of customers (69 %) go online to check for reviews on a product or business while an even more significant portion (72 %) confirm that they trust online reviews. What this means is that potential customers are assessing reviews about your brand before deciding to invest.

Having said so, it is therefore impossible to overlook or ignore online reviews. Nonetheless, while having your brand or business on Google or Yelp enables your clients to compliment and promote your brand with nice things, it also opens the door for individuals to get negative, a factor which makes it a nerve-wracking experience for any business.

Imagine being busy working to promote your business and offer quality products and services then, PAP! You get a horrid review of your product or Yelp, or even worse get a nasty review from an angry customer who besides posting it decides to share it with all his buddies across various social media platforms! Frustrating isn’t it? Although you are continually working to satisfy your customers and make them happy, bad reviews can unfortunately hurt-terribly!

Luckily, if a customer says something negative about your product /brand, it is not the end of the world for you. Inevitably, negative reviews are to be expected, and you can manage them in a way that lessens their overall impact on the reputation of your business. Herein are some of the reasons why angry customers post the negative reviews:

Why do they do so?

According to various researches, humans are known to spend a significant amount of time and energy assessing and re-evaluating bad experiences from survival or evolutionary view. Looking at our history, our ancestors, in their efforts to ensure survival, they were always vigilant and ever on the lookout for any potential threats to their existence. While getting that remarkable stack of green grass and bushes for the cattle was an outstanding experience, they could never really rule out the possibility of a lurking predator just a few meters away waiting earnestly to pounce!

In the modern era, however, we severely get upset after losing a few hundred dollars (and spend a considerable chunk of our time thinking about how we might have avoided such lose, so we are better prepared if such a scenario happens in the future) than the otherwise pleasant feeling of saving a few hundred dollars. Mostly, the loss, stuck deep in our minds, ultimately ends up taking more significance than our subsequent gain. Surprising, but fundamentally biological!

As such, angry customers are more likely to post a bad review just because it is in our human nature, no matter how unpleasant.