What’s More Important: Quality of Reviews vs Volume and Rating

Whats More Important Quality of Reviews vs Volume and Rating

Think your online reviews don’t matter? Think again. Studies show that 91 percent of consumers admit to reading online reviews and 68 percent use these reviews to form an opinion about the company and its goods and services. In addition, review sites like Google and Yelp! use these reviews to rank businesses. Without reviews, your company is likely to get lost in the shuffle and miss the opportunity to attract new customers.

The real question you should ask yourself isn’t whether your company needs online reviews (because it does), but rather should you focus on the quality of the reviews or on the quantity and overall rating of these reviews? The reality is that search engines like Google and Yelp! use all three factors, and many more, to determine online rankings. There is one factor; however, that plays a slightly more important role.


There are three prime reasons why the quality of reviews is more critical than quantity.

Build Trust with Consumer

Customer trust is extremely important to your overall business success, and the right review can help you build consumer trust. Studies show that 84 percent of consumers trust what they read in an online review just as much as they trust a referral from a friend. That’s a pretty compelling statistic. Just one online review has the power to serve as a referral over and over again. The power each review has, however, is based on the quality of the review.

A one-sentence review is not going to be near as useful as a comprehensive review that provides plenty of details, pictures, and honest opinions about your company and the goods or services you offer. Quality reviews can provide these detail and work to encourage new customers to learn more about your company.

Shareable Content

One of the best benefits of quality reviews is that they are shareable. Think about it. Are you more likely to share a review that merely states, “great service,” or a review that goes on to explain just what makes your services great? You can use quality reviews to share on social media or proudly post under the “Customer Testimonial” section of your website. The more people that see these quality reviews the greater impact they will have.

Keyword Frequency

Like it or not, keyword frequency plays a vital role in nearly all online searches, including business listings. Keywords are what search engines use to connect online users with relevant content. Unfortunately, you can’t just hand your customers a list of keywords that you want them to use in their review. This is where quality reviews become very important.

Standard reviews tend to include vague, non-specific statements that are void of keywords. On the other hand, those customers that take the time to write quality reviews typically include more detailed information. The more specific the customer is when writing a review, the more likely he is to include the vital keywords you need to improve your ranking.

While the number of online reviews and your overall rating are important, there is nothing quite as powerful as an online quality review.