Types of Negative Reviews Google Will Remove

Types of Negative Reviews Google Will Remove

No company will ever want to get a bad Google Review if they can help it.

But sometimes, it happens. Your business gets a bad rap on popular review platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, Google Local, TripAdvisor and others.

Is there any way on how to remove bad reviews from Google Local, especially if it looks fake, spammy or coming from the competition?

The short answer is yes. A one or two-star rating may be removed if it violates Google’s Guidelines. Check out the types of negative reviews Google will remove.

Prohibited Content

In their guideline, search engine giant Google states that they can remove dangerous, offensive, derogatory, sexually explicit and illegal content, including hate speech. This applies to web content as well as online Google reviews.

For example, a customer posted a 1-star review pertaining to your business or employees’ appearance, sexual orientation, age, gender or religion, then you can get it disputed by letting Google know about it. Moreover, if at any point in the review the customer starts using profane, offensive or obscene language, then you can request the content to be removed. Google may simply filter out the offensive language or delete the review altogether.

Conflict Of Interest

In a sense, your business competitors may not manipulate how you’re perceived online by leaving negative Google reviews about your company. One common practice is that companies pay people to leave behind bad star reviews to boost their own image, but this is illegal and should not be allowed. On the other hand, you, your relations or employees may not leave behind glowing reviews as it’s a conflict of interest.

Spam Or Fake

Last but not the least, you can have Google remove defamatory online reviews if you find that they are spammy or fake. An example of a fake content is when a customer leaves behind a bad review of someone who doesn’t work in the company, or when they state the name of a different business. If you’re a restaurant and a person leaves a review that your women’s shoes aren’t good, then you can call the attention of Google and straighten things out.

A spam review is when a customer leaves behind one-star ratings on all your business locations. Google may remove all but one of these reviews after considering the facts and details.

To dispute a Google review, simply head to your Google My Business page, tap on the Support button with a ? icon, then tap on Email Support to get started. Fill out the necessary details and wait for a response from the Google team.