Tempted to buy Google Reviews? Be Wise, Do the Right Thing

Tempted to buy Google Reviews Be Wise, Do the Right Thing

When your business is not doing well either because of negative reviews or lack of adequate traffic, you may be tempted to buy fake reviews. While such a move may benefit your for a while, it will have a huge negative impact on your business in the long run and the damage may be very hard to reverse.

Why You Should Not Buy Google Reviews

1. You Cannot Improve Your Business

One of the things that enable you to improve your business is honest feedback from customers. Positive feedback helps you know what makes your customers happy so that you can continue doing it better.

Negative feedback helps you know which areas to improve on in order to satisfy the needs of your customers. When you buy reviews from Google, you will not know what areas of your business to improve to increase customer satisfaction,

2. It is Illegal

Fake testimonials from customers is illegal in almost every country. Many countries have consumer protection laws to ensure consumers are protected from purchasing goods and services that may not meet the required standards. The laws are also meant to create an environment for fair competition between businesses.

In many countries that enforce consumer protection laws, businesses that buy fake reviews can face civil or criminal charges.

3. Fake Reviews Can Be Detected

Fake reviews not only impact the reputation of your business but they are also bad for SEO. How so? Review sites have algorithms that can detect fake reviews. When they are detected, be sure that there will be dire consequences.

One of the consequences includes flagging the site so that visitors to the site can be warned not to trust the business. Once customers get such warnings, they will not make any purchases on your site since they do not trust you.

Another consequence is having the reviews taken down which negatively impacts SEO. You will have fewer reviews on your site and if the remaining reviews are not positive, your page ranking may not appear on the first page of search results. SEO is usually influenced by the number of reviews and the overall star rating you have.

The Bottom Line

Instead of looking for fake reviews, get genuine ones from your customers. Even though some of them may be negative, they will help you grow your business by correcting what displeases customers.

A few negative reviews on your site should not scare you. They may actually increase your page ranking as they increase the number of reviews. They also help potential customers put trust in you since they will know your business is genuine despite a few negative reviews.