Online Reviews vs. Word of Mouth: Which One Is More Important?

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It’s 2018, and the word of mouth from a friend or relative is not all it takes to influence the purchase of a given product. It has become a digital ingrained habit for most people to look up a business or product that interest them whether recommended or not.

It’s estimated that 3.8 billion people use the internet, with 4.9 billion unique mobile users, and 2.9 billion social media users. With these figures, its no wonder why 97 percent of people research for businesses online and rely on online reviews, and 85 percent trust online reviews in the same way they trust recommendations by friends and relatives. “If you do not brand your brand, your customers will do it for you,” says Bill Quiseng, a Customer Service expert. He outlines the inherent benefit of creating communities instead of commodities and converting consumers into brand ambassadors for subsequent profits rather than one-off transactions, hence, this article explains why it is vital to manage and maintain your brand’s online credibility while concurrently marketing through word of mouth.

Online Reviews vs, Word of mouth: Which one is More Important?

What is Word of Mouth marketing?

Traditionally, word of mouth marketing was spread from one person to another. It was the only way a person would know about a business from a first-hand experience, unsanitized by media sources, unlike today. 74 percent of people believe that word of mouth has influenced their decision to purchase a product, with another 92 percent, according to Nelsen, suggest that referrals from relatives and relatives are more effective than advertisements,suffice to say, in the present world where everybody is connected, it is possible to use a single referral and effective marketing campaigns to maximize the online exposure of a brand and influence consumer purchasing.

Importance of Online Reviews

After a person hears about your business through a word of mouth. Usually, they will go online to research either using google or any other search engines to see what others say about your business. These online reviews are important since they shape the online reputation of brands and business. Reviews influence the perspective in which prospective consumers view your business and also stimulate online purchases. Online reviews give sellers an insight into what consumers are analyzing prior to purchase and also help them in customizing products in future to benefit their users and give their buyers value for their money.

Online reviews versus word-of-mouth verdict

Word of mouth is an inexpensive advertising tool and most marketers value its importance. With 90 percent people trusting the word of mouth from friends and relatives, and 70 percent trusting online reviews. Both online and reviews word of mouth intertwine as valuable tools of marketing.

With people spending most of their times glued to their phones and tablets, they will turn to their devices when they need information about a business rather than asking someone asking about it, it is therefore important for the 73 percent of the businesses that rely only on traditional word of mouth to diversify and venture into online review management systems to improve the online visibility of their brands, gain the trust of new clients and future clients through online reviews and turning those new transaction into brand ambassadors.