Online Reviews for Car Dealerships: Just How Important Are They?

Online Reviews for Car Dealerships Just How Important Are They

The car dealership industry is pretty unique in comparison to most online businesses, isn’t it? Today, when people shop online, they get the products delivered to their doorsteps. But with car dealerships, the customer has to show up at the actual business premises to get a car.

For some car dealers, this might make it seem that online reviews are not as important for their businesses. Could they be wrong?

Just How Important are Online Reviews for Car Dealership?

As it turns out, online reviews are still very important for a car dealership. Before the buyer even shows up at your business, he/she will most likely have done some shopping over the web.

And statistics say that about 60% of car buyers not only do their searches online, but also take into consideration a car dealership’s reputation before choosing to do business with it.

What does that tell you?

That if you have a bad name online, don’t expect a lot of car shoppers to show up at your business. This is another way of saying that online reviews are very important for car dealerships.

Let’s face it, most businesses build a reputation based on what former customers think of their businesses. Online shoppers trust few things more than they trust online reviews.

For a car dealership, factors like the range of vehicles you have in your dealership, your friendliness towards your customers, your ability to offer great deals and other factors are very important to shoppers.

A lot of car buyers also want to deal with dealers who are professional, attentive, and are willing to go over and beyond to offer their customers value for their money.

Potential customers are also likely to avoid car dealerships that put them in high pressure sales situations that often lead to regrettable purchase decisions for them.

But online reviews are not just good at getting customers through the door, they can also give you pointers on what needs to change about your business for greater levels of future success. Customers will typically tell you what you are doing right, and what needs to improve during their reviews.

Additionally, by keeping tabs on what clients are saying about you, you can deal with any negative reviews so as to avoid creating the impression that unsatisfied customers do not get the attention they desire as they do business with you.


Car dealerships need online reviews as much as any other businesses, if not more. Just because they do not do business online in the traditional way where the customer gets the product delivered to them without visiting the physical business premises, it does not mean online reviews do not matter, as this review clearly explains.