How to Write an Email Asking for a Google Review?

How to Write an Email Asking for a Google Review

You’ve set up your eCommerce website and the number of orders are on an upward trend. The business is doing great, but you’re not yet where you want to be. You probably read somewhere that customer reviews can catapult your business to the next level. The question is, how do you ask existing customers for reviews through email, in a manner that guarantees you an awesome response. A lot of emails requesting for reviews go unanswered because of simple mistakes. However, using these simple tips to craft your emails will not only guarantee you positive reviews, but will also land you repeat customers;

The Subject Head; dos and donts

This is definitely the most important part of your email. Customers will either discard or open your email depending on the subject line. There are a few dos and donts when it comes to crafting subject heads. First, avoid using capital letters, as the customer may feel invaded or even forced to give a review. Capital letters can be perceived as harsh and at times rude.

Use interrogative sentences and question marks at the end. Compared to declarative statements, interrogatives tend to instill a sense of urgency and are therefore likely to receive a response.

Personalize subject heads where possible: A common trend used by companies involves using the name of an employee on the subject head. You may have come across an email with the subject head “Becky from Glamour View”. This tactic gives a personal touch to emails and increase the possibility of receiving a response.

Use figures and grading systems

One of the reasons as to why customers ignore review requests is because they can be time-consuming. To increase your chances of getting a response. come up with a quantitative and qualitative grading system. Use stars to get a rating, followed by short statements about your products. Ask your customers to give a rating followed by a statement that reflects how they feel about their purchase. This will not only save the customer time but it will also mitigate the risk of receiving highly negative or incomprehensible reviews.

Rewards the reviewers

Let’s be honest, giving a review does not benefit the customer in any way. It, however, boosts your business immensely. To motivate your customers, incentivize those who take the time to review your business. You may also use this tactic to turn random buyers into repeat customers. For instance, you may offer them coupons or usable points, for making reviews. This ways, everyone wins.

Use emotive language carefully

Buying a bed can bring a lot of satisfaction and happiness, but buying an insecticide may not elicit the same feelings. Therefore, figure out, the kind of emotions your customers may experience if they’re satisfied by your products, and use words that describe such emotions in your emails. For instance, if you sell house furniture, you can go for statements such as “Do you love your new bed?”,. If a customer truly loved their new bed, then they are likely to give you a positive review. This statement would, however, be ineffective to a customer who bought a new TV remote. Therefore, avoid emotive words, if the customer is likely to have experienced minimal or complicated emotions beyond your understanding.