How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Local Guides by Responding

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Local Guides by Responding

Did you know that 80% of people will walk away in search of a different if they read bad reviews about your business? Studies also show that a single negative review can cost you as many as 30 new customers.

The good new is that bad reviews can be canceled out and neutralized. One way to do is to have a lot of positive reviews about your business as well. But you need more than 10 of these to offset a single bad review. Doesn’t sound fair, does it?

The other option is respond to the bad reviews and mitigate their impact.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Local Guides by Responding
You should respond to negative reviews, ignoring them is not the way to go. That said, an inappropriate response is also likely to make things worse, not better.

Local searches are more important than people think, since 55% of the conversions from local searches happen within an hour.

Your response to bad reviews needs to be personal and also polite. It will reflect what kind of business you are. In some cases, a friendly conversation with the dissatisfied reviewer can result in them making a very positive review that more than makes up for the initial negative review.

Some people even add some bit of humor to their responses when dealing with negative reviews. But while doing so, it is important to address any issues raised by the reviewer so that potential customers know that you can effectively address any problems they might face when doing business with you.

Responding to negative comments makes you stand out among other businesses that simply let bad comments about them go unchallenged on the web. Thats is why so many businesses lose a lot of money to fake bad reviews, because they do nothing about them.

All they had to do was engage the reviewers and make it clear that they do their business with a lot more professionalism and care than the bad reviews suggest they do.

Genuine bad reviews are based on issues like messed up orders, poor services, low quality products, and such problems. But coming out boldly to address such reviews can help customers know that things have changed, or that such issues are resolved speedily and satisfactorily.

This can be very reassuring to new customers, and it can cancel out their negative impact on your business and boost its reputation.


Bad reviews happen to good businesses, and there is little you can do to avoid them. However, you can do plenty to reduce their impact by responding to them. Above are some tips on how to go about it.