Do Google Reviews Help My Business?

Do Google Reviews Help My Business

If someone wants to find out the most ideal place to buy a service/product, Google is usually the go-to platform because it offers a good yardstick of whether a business is appealing or not via the experience of others. Consequently, Google reviews create an essential stepping stone on the interwebs that can either catapult your business to the head of the line or send you spiraling down to the bottom of obscurity. With that said, here are a couple of reasons why, and how Google reviews help your business.

1)  Google reviews affect your SEO rankings

For a modern-day business to thrive and stay above the suffocating waters of competition, it a considerable online presence and the rankings to go with it. While Google watchdogs take a lot of factors into account when determining how low or high a website ranks, Google reviews play a major role that cannot be overlooked.Reviews are an integral part of Google’s search algorythm, with good reviews come great ranking and vice versa.

2)  Google trusts costumers more than it does you

Between your business and your customers, your clients will always come first in the pecking order. Something that Google has made abundantly clear since its maiden days. When a customer review your website, this gives the the search algorythm a strong indication that your business is not only legit or real, but also that it is actually reputable and therefore ideal to show to future users looking up for related keywords. Google reviews play the same role as referrals from a reputable website in that they are an endorsement of trust.

3)  A higher Google rating equates to more clicks hence more profits

Let’s demonstrate this with an example: Say you are looking to buy a new laptop online and you look up the relevant keyword and Google sifts various options to bring you a trio of business where one has a 1-star rating, another has 2 and the last one 5. It’s safe to say you’d certainly click through to the website with the highest rating. Good ratings reel in more viewers thereby significantly increasing your purchases and your general bottom line.

4)  Google likes to read

Customers reviews have become a secondary source of content for Google and sometimes the reviews your customers give your business will form the reference through which Google will send potential clients to your doorstep. So by describing your services and products, customers are unintentionally plugging any content gaps on your website and thereby improving your overall visibility and ranking as well.

So Do Google reviews help my business?

Undoubtedly so. The key to winning the review chase game is by responding with helpful insight to negative and positive reviews alike. Unfortunately the former usually tends to generate more reviews as satisfied customers usually don’t bother so tackling disgruntled customers is an excellent way to inspire confidence in other prospective clients by showing them that you treasure feedback and take into account the needs of customers.