Creative Ways to Get Customer Testimonials for Your Business

Creative Ways to Get Customer Testimonials for Your Business

So you’ve got your startup going, your product is looking good and your sales team has rolled up their sleeves and are ready build your bottom line. All that’s left to do now is bring in the customers which by now you might have realized is easier said than done. To get the ball rolling though, one thing you will most likely need are reviews and testimonials, and here we present to you a few creative ways to get them.

Use incentives

If a customer has nothing to gain from providing reviews, it’s unlikely they’ll give a moment’s attention to any review. Offering giveaways and freebies is, therefore, a great way to dangle a carrot in front of the rabbit and you don’t have to spend too much either. You could implore simple yet meaningful rewards such as “Leave a review for a chance to win a 10% discount on such a product” or give a free trial, in case of an online service, in exchange for a review.

Social media is a great minefield

Social media platforms offer an excellent field to harvest reviews as most people today usually spend a significant portion of their day on social were review may are becoming increasingly important. Facebook, for instance, offers a Facebook page for businesses with a reviews tab under which customers can jot down their experiences which you can, later on, use as testimonials.

YouTube also affords a great avenue for collecting reviews. You can film successful transactions with clients and upload them to your channel or ask your customers to talk about your product on their channels and create a playlist of testimonials out of their links for your channel. On Twitter, you can “favorite” tweets of positive reviews – the platform doesn’t have a functionality for reviews yet- then compile them in images to create testimonials. H

Reviews on local directories make for great testimonials

Instead of focusing on creating testimonials on your website, you can fish for reviews your business has amassed from local search directories such as Yelp and Google which offers two advantages. One, they provide more believable reviews from an external source and two, they generate more traffic to your website, thus increasing your your customer base.

Manage your reputation, be vigilant of why people are saying about you

Review sites and blogs may have reviews out on your products/services that you don’t know about and you can use tools such as Google Alerts to find these reviews. Use the feedback to guide your business decisions, improve your services. This in the long term will help you get more customers.

If you’ve been finding it hard to get customer testimonials, these tips should help push your business organically.