Are Local Reviews Hurting Your Healthcare Business? The solution.

Are Local Reviews Hurting Your Healthcare Business

One of the greatest marketing assets your healthcare business can have is a positive reputation. This is because new clients will decide whether to trust you or not based on the opinions of people who have experienced your services.

With so many people relying on the internet for healthcare-related information, you just can’t afford to take the impact of online reviews for granted. Negative reviews on and other review forums can leave a lasting impact on your bottom line.

What is the impact of online reviews on local SEO?

The fact that online reviews influence the buying decisions of more than 90 percent of online customers means that they can have a tremendous impact on your rankings in the different localized search engines. With that said, online reviews should form an integral part of your local SEO strategy. Reviews are an integral component of the search algorythms that power engines such as Google, positive reviews will build your visibility, and increase your online reach.

As review websites continue to gain popularity, more and more users continue to rely on them when making various healthcare-related decisions. Studies have shown that online reviews will make up to 10 percent of how search engines like Google rank search results.

How do I address negative online reviews?

Any healthcare business that wants to remain in-tune with the consumer base must always be ready to respond to the needs of the customers. If you are not addressing negative online reviews, you run the risk of appearing totally out of touch with the needs of your clients.

Here are four critical points to help you address online reviews:

1.Evaluate the critique

Your response can only be effective if it specifically and thoroughly addresses the complaint raised. Make sure you fully understand the review to understand the complainant’s motivation. Once you decide if it is due to your own failure or it is simply a misunderstanding you will know how to handle it.

2.Get in touch with the reviewer

You can only demonstrate your effort to resolve the issue by contacting the reviewer. You don’t want to post a response to the review only for a similar review to recur after a short while. Your correspondence should be conciliatory and professional. At the end of the day, it’s all about problem resolution and not an unnecessary argument.

3.Deal with the issue

If the review was as a result of a misunderstanding, provide the reviewer with important information about your policy and find a solution to his or her discomfort. Remember to ask whether your remedy has sorted out the issue. Most customers will give you a second chance if you handle their complaints successfully.

4.Respond to the review publicly

Once you have resolved the situation, add a public comment to the review. Your response should be non-defensive. When posting the response, make sure you reveal yourself as the owner of the business. If you have to offer an apology, make sure you do it.
In summary

Your response to a negative review should not just be about the customer who has posted the review but everyone else who might come across the exchange. The tone of your response is what will influence customers to either do business with you or not.

What is the impact of online reviews on local SEO